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WABI, 2017

BMC Bioinformatics, 2014

ISMB, 2012

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ABSTRACT: We address the problem of comparing multiple genome-wide maps representing nucleosome positions or specific histone marks. …

BACKGROUND: We introduce a novel method, called PuFFIN, that takes advantage of paired-end short reads to build genome-wide nucleosome …

Nucleosomes are the basic elements of DNA chromatin structure. Not only they control DNA packaging but also play a critical role in …

BACKGROUND: In eukaryotic organisms, packaging of DNA into nucleosomes controls gene expression by regulating access of the promoter to …

Abstract A large proportion of eukaryotic genomes is transcribed from both positive and negative strands of DNA and thus may generate …

Motivation: Nucleosomes are the basic elements of chromatin structure. They control the packaging of DNA and play a critical role in …

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